Local Gold Coast excavation business paves the way as early adopters of tech

about dynamic hydro excavations

The construction industry is one of the least digitised industries in the world. Locally, the majority of contractors in the construction space use paper-based operations. Common practices include paper  timesheets, dockets and forms. Furthermore, the use of a whiteboard in a site shed to schedule complex projects, highly skilled crews and million dollar fleets is normal practice. This industry norm is greatly inefficient and Dynamic Hydro Excavations experienced these challenges first hand.  


Throughout Dynamic Hydro Excavations  growth, a vital business philosophy governed their operations. The only constant is change and progress. As a consequence, businesses need to innovate and explore new technologies that support efficient, safety-focused practices to deliver real value for money. Given this business philosophy, Dynamic Hydro Excavations began their search for a digital system to support their operations. This is where they found Assignar. 


Assignar is an operations platform for the construction industry that digitises the allocation whiteboard, timesheets, dockets and safety forms. They also have a fieldworker app that enables workers to send important jobsite information from the field to the office in real-time. 


Dynamic Hydro Excavations not only onboarded Assignar within their operations but have been champions of the  platform. They were part of a select group of  beta testers of Assignar’s new features. They worked alongside product managers and software engineers to deliver industry insight and user experience feedback to  create an industry first, enterprise grade analytics and reporting module. Collaboration between local businesses and technology startups  is crucial to propel the industry forward and Dynamic Hydro Excavations has truly set themselves apart as leading innovators not only in the Gold Coast region but also the globe. 

WATCH VIDEO: Dynamic Hydro Excavations uses  Assignar to connect their team

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