CCTV Camera Pipe Inspection on The Gold Coast

CCTV Camera Van inc. 2 Operators

CCTV pipe inspection services, operated by qualified CCTV camera technicians, carry out inspections of underground pipe networks and report on exact location, depth, length, type of pipe and any underground issues.

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CCTV(Closed Circuit Television Inspection) camera pipe inspection is the industry’s tried and tested method to determine the accurate location and severity of defects and features associated with the pipe system.

Before the inspection starts, a high-pressure jetting process occurs, which takes almost an hour to complete. The time does vary depending on the size of the operation, for example pipe inspection of a three bedroom house would normally take about three hours to complete. However, this is just an estimate, as the time this process takes entirely depends on the complexity of the defect.

Melbourne’s CCTV Camera pipe inspection cost depends on the complexity of the work for the residential project. In addition to this, there might be variation in the price of this service, depending on the length of the pipe used in the process and other local rates.

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