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dynamic hydro excavations

Hiring locators that are not DBYD certified may be putting your business and the community at risk. To gain certification, locators must pass a comprehensive theory exam and practical field test conducted by an industry assessor. The assessment includes auditing equipment for compliance and the ability of the user to competently use it, workplace safety knowledge and compliance with safe OHS practices. The assessment also includes knowledge and understanding of AS 5488 (classification of subsurface utility information).


With more than 15 years of experience under our belt, we’ve almost seen and done it all. We’ve provided hydro excavation services, traditional excavation services, CCTV utility location services to a range of industries including:

  • Provide appropriate equipment and expertise to safely and competently complete all types of location work to the highest industry standard possible
  • Exclusive access to endorsed utility assets for location purposes
  • Listed on the official DYBD Certified locator website (www.dbydlocator.com)

Five P’s of Safe Excavation:

Plan ahead by lodging your Dial Before You Dig enquiry at least two business days before starting any excavation to ensure you have the correct information and safety measures in place.

Engage a DBYD Certified Locator – the essential second step which includes interpreting utility plans, looking for onsite clues, identifying utility assets and undertaking electronic location prior to potholing.

To establish the exact location of all underground infrastructure, pothole if permitted using the asset owner’s stated method as specified on the asset owner’s plan and/or information pack.

If potholing has occurred, protect the infrastructure by using various methods; such as communicating to all working on site, erecting barriers and/or marking the location of the exposed infrastructure.

You should only proceed with your excavation work after you have planned, prepared, potholed (unless prohibited) and have protective measures in place.

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